About Cryonaut Media

Have you ever had an awesome sound in your head, but when you sat down to try and create it using your favorite synth or plugin, you just couldn’t even come close to getting that sound out? Or maybe you’ve heard something really cool in your favorite song and wondered how they came up with that sound? You’re not alone.

When Jake (the founder of Cryonaut Media) started producing electronic music he had a hard time finding good resources on creating sounds in synthesizers. No one was teaching how to approach synthesis from a beginner’s perspective, or giving more advanced tips that were actually specific and practical. Today not much has changed. There’s a lot of presets out there, or people with tutorials on how to sound like X, but not much to show you step by step how synthesizers/plugins work and how to make them do what you want.

That’s where we come in. Cryonaut Media is dedicated to teaching sound design and synthesis. From beginner to expert producer, we hope everyone can learn something here! Our goal is to teach you how to think about sound design and music production so that you can understand it at a beginner’s level, or if you’ve been doing this for a while, we hope to give you some extra tips to perfect your signature sound and help you stand out from the crowd.

Some articles or videos will be more geared towards beginners, while others will have more advanced tactics. Hopefully everyone will be able to get something out of each post though, and we will always include some kind of action item, or homework so that you can put the techniques covered into practice. If you have some questions or a certain topic you’d like to see covered send us a message on the Contact page!


Learning Center

The Cryonaut Media Learning Center is where all of our online courses, downloads, and store are located. We give away a lot of our material for free with articles and videos mostly, but some of the more in depth courses can be found over at the learning center! If you’re serious about learning sound design and music production head on over and enroll in one of our courses today!


Who is Cryonaut Media?

profile-picJake – Chief Cryonaut/Founder

Jake is the Founder of Cryonaut Media, and has been producing electronic music for over 5 years. Don’t let that fool you though, he’s been a musician for most of his life – playing saxophone in elementary school, then moving to bass guitar for middle and high school and beyond. With almost 20 years of musical experience, Jake is no stranger to production.